All Edje Concrete products come with a two (2) year manufacturer’s warranty.

Your warranty does not cover:

  • Damage from misuse of product, including improper care that is included in our maintenance guide.
  • The development of pinholes and colour variation that is a natural occurrence with concrete. These are not considered manufacturing defects.
  • Edge chipping
  • Normal wear and tear
  • Damage to the sealer or concrete through the use of abrasive, acidic, alkaline or chemical cleaners.
  • Damage to the sealer from any contact with face wash, sunscreen, face-masks etc. 
  • Hairline cracking
  • Cracking due to an overtightened or incorrectly installed waste.
  • Un-level cabinetry
  • Failures due to inadequate supports
  • Damage to the sealer due to the incorrect silicone used for installation.
  • Staining or scratching.

Edje Concrete is also not responsible for any other costs associated with plumbing, electrical, cabinetry, flooring or damage to vanity from removal or installation etc.

Products that are not installed or transported by Edje Concrete are done so at the parties own risk and Edje Concrete can not be held liable for any damages from incorrect installation and/or transportation.