Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

The following Terms and Conditions apply to all products produced by Edje Concrete.


Quotes are valid for 30 days.

Once a Quote has been accepted by a client, this is acknowledged as Agreement and Acceptance of Edje Concrete’s Terms and Conditions; Care and Maintenance Guide and Warranty.  

All pricing excludes any required steelwork/brackets and the like unless otherwise stated.

Installation includes installation of the concrete elements only, unless otherwise stated.

Subject to a site visit to inspect cabinetry and access. Additional site visits or time onsite may be an additional cost. 

Where information regarding access to install the concrete piece, such as stairs/steps, steep driveway, narrow entrance, etc., has not been disclosed to Edje Concrete at the time of Quoting, additional costs may apply for difficult access.

Payment Terms
To secure your order we require 50% payment of the total quoted price (commencement of manufacture will not occur until the initial 50% is paid in full and cleared by our bank). A further payment of 40% is due to be paid once the product is ready and prior to installation. The final payment of 10% is due on completion of the installation.

Order Cancellations
Due to our products being custom made, we do not accept cancellations of orders. Payment in full is required prior to delivery and installation of all orders. Payments are not transferable or refundable once the order is placed. Once you have paid your deposit you are accepting the conditions of our cancellation policy and terms of payment and the quoted product.


If any revisions or alterations are made to the specifications or design of the piece after manufacturing has commenced, the client will be responsible for the material and labour costs to have a piece/s re-made. The same payment terms apply.

Colour and Variation

Edje Concrete specialise in Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete (GFRC). Each concrete piece is individually hand crafted and no two products will be exactly the same. Clients should expect their final piece to have pin-holing and small surface holes, variation in colour, grout fill and the surface. Our samples and showroom pieces are provided as an indication of the finished piece, however, the final piece may have variations because of the different concrete batches, sealers and environment.

Product Promotion and Social Media

Edje Concrete reserves the right to use photos of the completed pieces for promotional material and marketing. The client must inform Edje Concrete in writing prior to installation or delivery if they do not wish their piece to be photographed for this purpose.

Replacement, Repair or Refund

Edje Concrete do not offer exchanges, replacement, return, repair or refund for change of mind; if the incorrect size is purchased; or if a client is not satisfied with the colour variation, amount of pinholes, level of patina, grout fill, finish or surface variation of the product.

Any claim for an exchange, replacement, repair or refund due to a defect within the Warranty period will be reviewed based on the conditions outlined in the Edje Concrete Warranty.

The client may be asked to make the product available to Edje Concrete for inspection and assessment or photos submitted to identify the cause of the defect. Where a warranty claim is deemed valid, Edje Concrete has the right to decide if the product will be exchanged, replaced, repaired or refunded.

We will not accept for return, exchange or refund any product that has been used, connected, installed or attempted to be connected or installed.

Edje Concrete is not liable for any additional trade/s required, such as a plumber or electrician in the event of a replacement. In the event of a warranty replacement, Edje Concrete will only be liable for the replacement of their scope of works. Additional items from other trades is not covered.

Duty of Care [damage of product]

Edje Concrete do not offer exchange, replacement, return or refund for a product damaged by the client. The client is provided with a care booklet, either via email or hardcopy and the client has a duty of care for the product once it is in their possession. If a client damages the product by scratching, staining or chipping the piece, that is not considered a product fault, and the client is responsible for the costs of repairing the piece.

Damage by others once delivered and/or installed

It is the client’s responsibility to ask other trades to be cautious around their concrete piece and not to use the piece as a benchtop surface to place tools and equipment. Edje Concrete is not liable for any damage to, or loss of a piece once delivered or installed to the site.


Clients are welcome to collect their piece from our workshop, however, it is highly recommended any large piece be delivered and installed by Edje Concrete. If you are collecting your item, and you require the piece to be packaged, there will be a packaging fee. This fee varies depending on the item/s purchased. We highly recommend if you are going to be collecting your large piece to use an A-frame for transportation, as transporting the piece flat may cause cracking. Once the piece leaves our workshop, Edje Concrete are no longer responsible for the item/s. It is the client’s responsibility to ensure their project arrives safely, without damage or loss, to its destination.

Once collected, this is deemed to be an acknowledgement that the piece/s have been checked and accepted by the client prior to leaving our workshop. If not transported properly or safely, this could lead to possible cracking and damage during or post-delivery.

Final Measure and/or Template

Edje Concrete may complete a final check measure once the site is ready or framework/cabinetry has been installed. Clients, if comfortable in doing so, are able to provide Edje Concrete with final measurements or a template of the piece/s they are wanting made.

Should a client decide that a site visit and final measure is not required, and if the client chooses to provide Edje Concrete with the final measurements or a template, it is the client’s responsibility to ensure all information regarding the final measurements, cabinet cutouts, sink and tap sizes and type are correct. It is the client’s responsibility to ensure associated areas such as walls, tiles, floors, supports, cabinetry are square, flat and/or level and will support the weight of the piece.

If Edje Concrete do not conduct a final measure, the client is responsible for any incorrect details provided to us and the client is liable for all costs of re-making and installing a piece/s.

Online Store measurements

No final measure or site visit is included in the item cost. It is the client’s responsibility to ensure they purchase the correct size piece from our online store and advise of the correct cutout, sink location etc. for their project. It is the client’s responsibility to ensure other details such as walls, floors, supports, cabinetry are square, flat and/or level and sufficiently supportive for the item.


Whilst GFRC is classified as a non-combustible material under certain conditions, direct and high heat can be a concern and can lead to cracking. It is the client’s responsibility to ensure GFRC is a suitable material for their chosen fireplace, BBQ or pizza oven. It is the client’s responsibility to ensure additional steps are taken by their professional fireplace, BBQ or pizza oven installer to prevent cracking. If cracking occurs and the client is concerned about the appearance or stability of the fireplace surround or BBQ bench, the client is liable for costs for Edje Concrete to inspect in attempt to repair and/or to have a new piece made. The client is responsible for costs associated with removing and/or replacing the piece/s.

Do not place hot pots, hot pans, hot baking trays, hair straighteners etc. directly on the surface as this can damage the sealer.

Integrated Concrete Sink, Integrated Concrete Drain Grooves or Integrated Concrete Drain Ramp

Integrated sinks, drain grooves and ramps are possible, however, the client needs to be aware this will require very careful use and maintenance because of the type of usage where hot objects, sharp utensils, liquids that are likely to pool, are all elements that could lead to damage such as (but not limited to) discolouration, staining, marks, cracks, and sealant failure.

By proceeding with an integrated sink, drain grooves and/or ramp, the client acknowledges and accepts the ongoing additional care, upkeep and the likelihood of potential damage as a result of these elements.  Any such damage does not constitute a faulty product in accordance with the Warranty.

Cabinetry and Supports

Edje Concrete is not liable for any failures due to inadequate support or un-level cabinetry, this includes water pooling due to un-level cabinetry.  Should a piece become damaged due to these elements, the client is responsible for costs associated with assessing, attending site, fixing or remaking a piece.

Waterfall End or Leg

When a piece has a waterfall end or a concrete leg, and the internal face of the concrete is visible, the internal face will be a different finish to that of the edges and top of the concrete piece. This is due to the way our products are made in their formwork. The internal face will still be processed, however will appear a different finish. This is unavoidable.

Hairline Cracks

Hairline cracks are generally smaller than 1mm in width that do not threaten the integrity or stability of the piece nor prevent the continued and normal use of the concrete product. Hairline cracks are possible and are considered an inherent part of the product, not a defect. It is possible for hairline cracks to occur at any time during the life of the concrete product, but are not a common occurrence.


Avoid excess weight being placed on your concrete product (e.g. standing on your concrete piece). This more so applies for areas with no support underneath such as overhang on a kitchen benchtop, the centre or edge of a dining tabletop or bench seat. This could cause the piece to crack or sag overtime.